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Order Bare Root Apple Trees Now


Graft to Order for Winter, 2017/2018

There is still time to order bare root apple trees this season and we have an excellent selection of one and two year old bare root apple and pear trees available for order now.

Spring is on the way, but because of our high altitude, barLinedOut01e root apple trees are still available for this season if you place your order very soon.  We will be posting trees for another few weeks, depending on the weather.

If you are looking ahead to next year, you have another week to have trees grafted to order.  If you would like large numbers of any single variety, please order now, but if you don't get your order in now for trees grafted to order, we will still have our outstanding selection of over 400 varieties available to order for Winter 2017-2018.

You are very welcome to come and pick up your trees from Prospect Orchard by arrangement, or we can post or courier trees across the U.K. for very reasonable rates. 



Welsh Mountain Cider & Tree Nursery

Producers of award winning Welsh cider and heritage apple and pear trees.


Welsh Mountain Cider VintagesAt Welsh Mountain Cider we specialize in making real cider and grafting and growing hardy apples and pear trees. Our experience in the blending of apples and pears to create fine natural cider, perry and juice gives us the first hand knowledge to help you plant the perfect orchard to suit your needs.

 Welsh Mountain Tree Nursery











We stock an extensive range of heritage and modern apple and pear varieties that can keep you in fruit throughout the year. We have hundreds of types of apple and pear trees available; cider apple trees and perry pears, heritage dessert and cooking apples and pears from around the world, including Welsh apples, Somerset, Devon, Herefordshire and Yorkshire apple varieties, and locally collected Welsh apple varieties exclusive to our Welsh Mountain Tree Nursery.





Welsh Mountain Cider is made deep in the heart of the Cambrian Mountains at over 1000 feet above sea level. The finest fresh juicy apples are pressed in traditional Welsh Oak presses and are left to ferment with their own indigenous natural yeasts. This juice is matured for up to 18 months in oak casks, producing a unique cider with an uncommonly rich depth of flavour.  All our cider is live and sulphite free.

Read more about how we make our ciders, our vintages, where to buy, and how you can make your own cider.


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