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tregonna kingIt's easy to order trees from us. If you already know what you want in terms of varieties and root stocks, you can call us with your order on 07790071729 or email us with a list of your requirements. Please contact us in good time- we do run out of popular varieties. If you wish to plant a single tree, a few trees, or acres of orchard, we can help you to select a range of trees for eating, cooking, cider and perry or a combination of those needs. We can suggest a list of varieties that will keep you in fruit from August to late the following year. 


Although we graft over 200 varieties a year, we are a small nursery, so if you require a large number of one variety, or a specific selection of varieties, it is advisable to get your order in well before the bare root lifting season (November onwards).


Tree Prices


One year maidens (1.5ft - 3.5ft): £13.00/ea.

Two year straight lead (3.5ft -7ft): £18.00/ea.


One year maidens (Pyrus and Quince Rootstock) (1.5ft - 3.5ft): £13.00/ea.

Two year straight leads (Pyrus and Quince Rootstock) (3.5ft - 7ft): £18.00/ea.

One year maidens (Pyrodwarf) (1.5ft - 3.5ft): £15.00/ea.


Postage Rates (Mainland UK)

1 Tree £15.00

2-5 Trees £18.00

6-9 Trees £22.00

10-12 Trees £25.00

13-19 Trees £30.00

20-40 Trees £35.00

Please contat us for prices for larger orders and international shipping.


Read more about the size of our trees.






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