Name Type Description Flowering Period Fruiting Period
Beth Dessert Pale green-yellow.  Smooth skin.  Sweet, juicy flesh.  Excellent cropper. Mid Early
Berllanderi Green Perry, Dessert Gren, ripens to yellow.  Can be used for eating or perry.  Low tannin, medium acid.  From Berllandei, Raglan.     
Berllandei Red Perry Yellow, flushed orange-Red.  Medium tannin, high acid.  Makes a dark, fairly tannic perry.     
Blakeney Red Perry Yellow flushed fruit.  Medium acid, medium tannin.  Very reliable, heavy cropping perry pear. Mid Mid
Black Worcester Cooking Large green fruit with brown russet.  Sometimes with purple flush.  Great for stewing.  16th century variety. Mid Early
Brandy Perry Small pale green-yellow, bright red flush.  Heavy, biennial cropper.  Gloucestershire 19th C. Mid Mid
Burgundy (Monmouthshire) Perry Yellow with orange red flush.  Medium acid, medium tannin perry pear.     
Butt Perry Small green-yellow, russeted fruit.  Fruit slow to rot, keeps well before milling.  Medium-high acid, medium-high tannin.   Heavy cropping, biennial. Mid Late
Cannock Cooking, Perry Small pear from Staffordshire.  Good for stewing and perry. Mid Early
Chapman’s Orange  Perry  Pale yellow-green, flushed orange-Red.  Low acid, medium tannin.  Makes a rich, orangey perry.  From an old perry tree near Cardiff.   Makes a rich orangey perry.    
Clapp’s Favourite  Dessert, Cooking Dessert and cooking pear.  Oval fruit, medium to large.  Pale yellow red flushed and streakes.  Smoothe skin, crisp sweet juicy.  Hardy variety, prolific cropper.  Mid Early
Comice (See Doyenne Du Comice) Dessert      
Comtesse de Paris  Dessert   Early Early
Concorde  Dessert Green-yellow fruit, patches of gold russet.  Sweet and juicy.   Heavy cropping, easy to grow variety.  Self-Fertile.   Mid Early
Condo  Dessert   Mid Mid
Conference  Dessert Yellow-green with brown ruset patches.  Sweet and juicy.  Good cropper.  Reliable cropper.  Self-Fertile.  Mid Early
Coppy  Perry  Small green-yellow fruit.  Low acid, low tannin perry.   Mid Mid
Doyenne du Comice  Dessert Pale green-yellow fruit.  Rich and Juicy.  Mid Mid
Early St. Brides  Perry  Green, flushed brown with russet around the eye.  Medium tannin and medium acid.  Very small pears.  Tree has distinctive upright growing habbit.  From Gwent.     
Green Horse  Perry  Green-yellow with orange flush.  High acid, low tannin perry.  Mid Mid
Gwehelog  Perry Pale yellow-green with orange-oink flush.  From Gwehelog, near Raglan.  Low tannin, low acid.      
Gwehelog Red  Perry  Pale yellow-green with orange-oink flush.  Acid fruit.     
Harley Gum  Perry  Small pale yellow fruit with some russet.  Medium acid, medium-high tannin.   Mid Late
Helens Early  Perry  Green-yellow fruit.  Heavy cropping perry pear.  Medium acid perry.  Mid Early
Hendre Huffcap  Perry  Gloucestershire perry pear.  Low tannin, medium acid perry.  Mid Mid
Judge Amphlet  Perry  Green-yellow fruit, some russet.  Low tannin perry.  Early Early
Jutt  Dessert       
Le Cure  Dessert       
Little Cross Huffcap  Perry  Green with dark red-purple flush.  'Grapefruit flavour'.  High acid, high tannin perry pear.     
Little Huffcap  Perry       
Merton Pride  Dessert  Large green-yellow fruit, some russet.  Soft, white, juicy and rich flesh.  Good cropper.  Early Early
Monmouthshire Red  Perry  Pale green with orange-red flush.  Low tannin, low acid.     
Moonglow  Dessert  Similar to Williams with nicer texture.  Mid Early
New Meadow  Perry  Small green-yellow fruit, sometimes with orange flush.  Medium acid, low tannin. Mid Mid
Onward  Dessert  Light green-yellow fruit, some russet and pink flush.  Good crops.  Somewhat frost resistant.   Mid Early
Potato Pear  Perry  Looks like a potato.  Round, brownish fruit, completely russeted.  Makes a citrus-like perry.  Medium acid, medium tannin.     
Shipover  Dessert, Cooking  'Bollwyller Pear' This is a Sorbus x Pyrus cross (Sorbopyrus.)  Attractive white blossom, large leaves.  Fruits are small and excellent.  Late Early
Teddington Green  Perry       
Thorn  Perry  Small yellow fruit with some russet.  Low tannin Perry.  Gloucestershire variety c. 1670.  Mid Early
Welsh Brandy  Perry       
Welsh Gin  Perry  Pale green fruit.  Low acid and tannin.     
White Bach         
White Longdon  Perry       
Williams  Dessert  Pale green-yellow.  Medium large fruit.  Early cariety (August).  Sweet and juicy.  Good cropper.  Berkshire 18th Century).  Early
Winter Pear         
Winnals Longdon  Perry  Green-yellow with red flush.  Medium acid, low tannin perry.  Tends toward biennial cropping.  Late
Yellow Huffcap  Perry  Makes a strong and good flavoured perry.  Medium acid, low tannin.  Late 
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