Welcome to our pomona. We have an ever expanding collection of over 300 varieties of trees, so if a variety is not listed here, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t have it, or can’t get it for you.


This list of descriptions and pictures is a work in progress as we are building up our knowledge and experience from our own high altitude trials at our orchards in Mid-Wales. All of the varieties listed are being grown by us at 1150 feet above sea level.


We stock hundreds of heritage apple and pear varieties as well as many excellent modern varieties. Some of the varieties listed have been collected locally or from other growers and cider makers from treasured ancient trees and have provisional names (e.g. Joe’ Perfection, A470 overhang) these may be original seedling varieties, or old forgotten types which may be subsequently identified. They have been included in our collection because of excellent qualities of vigour and delicious fruit, and come especially recommended to growers interested in rare and heritage apples and pears.

We have many of these varieties in stock at our tree nursery, or if not, we can graft any of these varieties to order for the following year.

If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Us.


Name Picture Type Description Flowering Period  
Fruiting Period
A470 Overhang Dessert, Cooker  Large, sweet and tart red and green apple. Mid
A470 Front   Dessert  Red, slightly flushed. Tasty.  Sharp and sherberty. Mid
A470 Prolific  A470 Prolific Dessert, Cider Sweet  Very prolific, very lightly russeted light green flushed with pink. Very slightly astringent. Very reliable cropper. Mid
Acklam Russet Dessert  North Yorkshire variety. Mid
Adams Permain  adamspermain03thumb Dessert  Victorian dessert apple.  Very late apple.  Firm texture.  Medium orange fruit with red flush. Excellent, nutty flavour.  Early Late
Alexander  Dessert, Cooking  Old apple from Ukraine, brought to England in 1800s.  Mid Mid
Alfreston (Alfriston) (Shepherd's Pippin)
 alfreston11thumb  Cooking  Meduim-large oblong fruit.    Sharp when picked in November, but mellows as it keeps (can keep until April.)  Light, pear-like flavour.  Biennial cropper.  Late  Late
Allington Pippin  Dessert, Cooker, Cider  Sweet – sharp fruit. Medium yellow, flushed brown/red fruit.  Cross of King of the Pippins and Cox’s Orange Pippin  Mid  Late
Ambassy  Dessert  Medium sized striped orange red fruit.  Sharp, juicy aromatic fruit.  Heavy cropping, moderately vigorous tree.  Sport of Delcorf.  French variety.  Early Early
Ardlam Russet  Dessert
Arthur Turner  Arthur Turner  Cooking  Large fruit, hangs on tree.  Pale green/yellow.  Sharp flesh.  Cooks to yellow purée  Vigorous good cropper with ornamental flowers.  Also called Turner’s Prolific.  Mid  Mid
Ashmead’s Kernel  Ashmead's Kernel  Dessert  Especially beautiful blossom.  Greenish yellow fruit with russet patches.  Mid
Bakers Delicious  Bakers Delicious  Dessert, Cooker Welsh Dessert apple.  Sweet and juicy.  Gold with orange red flush.   Early  Early
Ball’s Bittersweet  ballsbittersweet03best  Cider Bittersweet Makes a medium bittersweet, full bodied cider.  Cider apple from Hereford.  Mid Mid
Balsam  Cooking Keeps very well (can keep until May).  North Yorkshire variety, also called 'farmer's wife's apple'.  Consistent and prolific cropper. Mid
Banana Pippin  Dessert  Rare apple variety.
Banwell Souring  Cooking, Cider Sharp Large greenish yellow fruit with russet.  Very sharp and firm flesh.  Cooks Vigorous spreading tree. 
Bardsey  Bardsey  Dessert Found on Bardsey Island, Wales.  The “Sainted Apple.”  Lemon drop, fresh and brisk flavour.  Balanced acidity and sweetness.
Beauty of Bath   Dessert Pale yellow with red markings. Scab resistant, excellent cropper. Mid Early-Mid
Beauty of Cornwall   beautyofcornwallthumb  Dessert  Rightly named a beauty.  Fruit is rosey-pink flush over cream with pink stained flesh.  Crisp, perfumed sweet rose-water flavoured fruit with slight sharpness.   Mid
Bell Apple   Bell Apple Cider Mild Bittersweet   A mild bittersweet cider apple that has been a reliable, good cropper for us.
Belle Norman  BelleNorman01thumb
Ben’s Red   bensredthumb Dessert / Cider Very firm attractive red apple, russeting around stalk.  Mild acidity, very mildly astringent. Heavy, biennial cropper.  Cornish variety c. 1830.  Mid
Berkeley Pippin   Dessert/ Cider
Late ripening Gloucestershire apple. Green with red stripes
Bickington Grey  Cider Sharp  Bittersharp cider apple.  It is a vigorous grower from Devon.  Late
Bill Norman  Cider Bittersweet   Bittersweet cider apple from Gloucestershire.
Billy Down Pippin  Dessert, Cider Sweet Sweet flesh.  Good grower.  Devon variety. 
Black Dabinett   blackdabinett02thumb Cider Bittersweet  Blue/purple medium bittersweet cider apple.   Late Late
Blenheim Orange   Blenheim Orange Dessert, cooking  Very popular garden variety, originated Oxfordshire 1740.  Vigorous, heavy cropper.  Sweet, nutty apple.  Triploid.   Mid Early
Bloody Butcher Bloody Butcher Cider Bittersweet Attractive carmine and yellow apple.  Pink and red stained flesh.  Tannic and perfumed juice.  Makes a fine single varietal or blender. Late
Bloody Ploughman  Dessert, Cooking, Cider Very red apple, named Bloody Ploughman because it was said to have grown on the grave of a ploughman shot for poaching game.  Flesh stained pink when ripe.  Juicy, crisp, light flavour.   Early Early
Bloody Turk   BloodyTurk03thumb Cider Bittersweet  
Blue Sweet   Blue Sweet Cider Sweet  A sweet Cider apple from Devon.  It is vigorous and disease resistant apple with a blue bloomed fruit.
Braddick Nonpariel  Dessert   Scottish variety  Green-yellow fruit, fruit drop flavour.   Mid Mid-Late
Braeburn  Dessert Braeburn is a sweet, juicy, crisp apple.  Striped dark crimson, flushed scarlet fruit.  Self-Fertile variety.
Bramley Original    Cooking  Classic  cooking apple.  Propagated from original Bramley tree, original variety.  Taken from a more recent cutting of the original tree Nottinghamshire. Triploid.
Mid Mid
Bramley's Seedling  Bramley  Cooking  The classic British  cooking apple- cooks to a frothy puree. Also a delicious and useful cider sharp in a blend.  Triploid
Mid Mid
Breakwell’s Seedling  Cider Bittersharp
Small-medium fruit, falls from tree when ripe.  Yellow fruit, flushed red.  Sharp and slightly astringent juice.  Precocious fruiter.  Biennial cropper.  Tree has very dark foliage.  Flowers over a long period.  Welsh variety (Monmouthshire)   Late Mid
Bridgewater Pippin  Dessert, Cooking Green-yellow with russet patches.  Slightly sharp flesh, also used for cooking.   Mid Late
Broom Apple   BroomApple03thumb Cider Mild Bittersweet
Pale yellow with some fruit striped and flushed orange-red.  Mild bittersweet cider apple.  Found at Broom House, near Raglan.  Late
Brownlee's Russet  Dessert  Rich flavoured russet.  Can be used as a cooker early in the season, but mellows as it stores.  Can keep until March. Mid Mid
Brown Snout   Brown Snout Cider Medium Bittersweet  Small conical fruit, drops from tree when ripe.  Yellow/green with russet around the eye.  Juicy flesh.  Sweet astringent juice.  Can be biennial cropper.  Flowers over long period, tolerant of late spring frost.  Hereford Variety.   Mid
Brown’s Apple   brownsapple04thumb Cooker, Cider Sharp, Dessert, Juice
Self-Fertile.  Flat shape. Hangs well on tree in October. Very decorative red apple.  Red markings and stripes on red/ yellow background. Red flushed flesh.  Flavour sharp, slightly astringent, spicy. Yum! Good eater and Cider sharp. reliable cropper. disease resistant.
Great for cooking, eating, juice and cider. 
Mid Mid
Broxwood Foxwhelp   BroxwoodFoxwhelp04thumb Cider Medium Bittersweet  Small, round red fruit.  Vintage quality cider.  Heavy Cropper.   Late Mid-Late
Burrknot  Cooking  Cooks to yellow purée 
Butterball Crab  butterball-thumb01 Crab
Very decorative flowers followed by profusion of attractive yellow-orange fruit.  Sharp and flavoursome, great for crab apple jelly.
 Long Flowering Period Mid-Late
Buttery D’Or  Cooking, Cider Sharp flesh, can be used for cooking or a cider sharp.  From Dorset.  
Caersws Cider   Cider Foxwhelp type cider apple collected from Caersws, Powys.  Original tree has now died due to old age.  A great cider apple to plant.    
Cambusnethan Pippin   cambusnathanpippin11thumb  Dessert, Cooking Small-medium fruit, yellow striped and flushed orange.  Firm, light flavour. 
Camelot   Camelot  Cooker, Cider Sharp Large cooking / sharp cider apple.  Sharp, crisp flesh cooks to a purée.  Vigorous tree originally from Somerset 
Captain Broad   captainbroadthumb Cider Bittersweet Bittersweet cider apple originally from Cornwall. 
Castleton Canal 
Cat's Head   Cat's Head Cooking  One of the oldest apples known in England.   Known to have existed in 1600s.  Triploid variety.  Large, oblong, ribbed fruit.  Cooks to purée  Mid
Charles Ross  Cooking, Dessert  Sweet eater and cooker.  Does well in cold/wet climate. 
Chaxhill Red   chaxhillred02thumb Cider Sharp  Medium fruit.  Green-yellow flushed and streaked dark red.  Vigorous tree from Gloucestershire. 
Chivers Delight  Dessert  Medium golden fruit, flushed brownish red.  Honeyed, good flavour.  Juicy and crisp.  Good cropper. 
Christmas Permain  Dessert  Medium, oblong, green fruit.  Russeted.  Rich, good flavour.  Very hardy, good cropper.
Christmas Pippin  Dessert  Cox-like flavour, but much easier to grow.  Excellent flavour.  Mid
Cissy  Dessert  Sweet, aromatic, rich flavoured apple.  Ripe in September.  Heavy cropping tree.  Welsh apple variety.
Cobra  Dessert, cooking  Cox x Bramley.  Good for eating (sharp but good flavour) and for cooking (needs little sugar when cooked.)  Mid
Cola Puy  Dessert  Striped and flushed dark red.  Firm and aromatic apple, strong fruit flavour.  Vigorous tree. 
Coleman’s Seedling   Coleman's Seedling Cider Sharp  Cider sharp from Devon. 
Cornish Aromatic  Dessert Golden russeted fruit with red flush.  Sweet-sharp, dry, nutty flesh.  Vigorous, compact, hardy tree.  Mid
Cornish Gilliflower  Dessert Gold, striped red.  Rich and good flavour. 
Corse Hill  Dessert Medium, round-conical fruit.  Green-yellow fruit, some russeting.  Sweet crisp fruit.  Tree from Gloucestershire. 
Court de Wyke (Wood's Huntington) Court of Wick  Dessert  Small-medium conical fruit.  Gold flushed red with russet spots.  Sweet-sharp fruity, juicy flesh.  Good for juice.  Vigorous, good cropper.  Somerset variety.  
Cox Self-Fertile  Dessert A self-fertile version of cox’s orange pippin.  Slightly less disease prone than cox's orange pippin.  Mid
Cox’s Orange Pippin  Dessert The famous dessert apple- delicious complex flavour, but prone to disease particularly in wet cold areas.  Mid
Crimson Gravenstein  Dessert  Medium large fruit.  Greenish yellow/striped red.  Flushed light pink/orange.  Sweet, sharp juicy aromatic excellent fruit 
Crimson Quoining  Dessert, Cooking  Medium green-yellow fruit, flushed and striped dark red.  Sweet soft, floury aromatic flesh.  Good for cooking and eating. 
Crimson Victoria   CrimsonVictoria02thumb Cider  Cider apple from Devonshire. 
Crossroads Red  Dessert  Dessert apple collected in Wales by Mr. Jenkins of Montgomery. 
Cummy Norman   cummynorman11thumb Cider 
Dabinett   dabinett01thumb Cider Bittersweet  Dark red and green/ yellow bittersweet fruit.  Can make a single varietal cider.
Delcorf  Dessert  Bright yellow fruit, striped bright red.  Very sweet, juicy, aromatic fruit.  Biennial, heavy cropper.  French variety.
Devon Red  Dessert/Cooking  Red, sweet-sharp fruit. 
Devonshire Quarrenden   DevonshireQuarrendenthumb Dessert  Very old English apple.  Red skin. Sweet/sharp flesh.  Also used for cooking  Early Early
Discovery  Dessert  Early, red dessert apple.
Doozer’s Prolific   doozers-prolific-thumb01 Cider, Cooking  Excellent locally collected cider sharp.  Russeting round stalk. Some astringency and tannin, stores well .Very reliable, disease resistant heavy cropper.
Dove  Cider medium bittersweet Medium bittersweet cider apple, sweet and slightly astringent juice.  Soft tannin.  Somerset variety. 
Duck's Bill (Winter Permain) Dessert  From Petworth House in Sussex.  Ribbed and flat sided fruit.   Mid-late
Dumelow’s Seedling  Cooking  Good cooking apple, cooks to creamy purée  Firm, white flesh. 
Dufflin   Dufflin Cider, Dessert  Excellent small russeted apple.  Sharp and sweet. 
Dunkerton Late Sweet  Cider Sweet  Sweet, low tannin cider apple from Somerset.  
Early Julyan  Cooking, Dessert  Medium sized, flat yellow fruit.  Firm, sharp flavour.  Cooks to bright yellow purée  Vigorous, heavy cropping variety.  Ripe in September.  Scottish variety. 
Easter Orange  Dessert  A lovely orange dessert apple, perfect for eating at Easter.  Sweet, rich flavour.   Late
Eden  Dessert  Small, red flushed fruit.  Rich, intense flavour.  Heavy cropping.  John Standish x Cox's Orange Pippin.  Gloucestershire variety. 
Edward VII   edwardVII11thumb Cooking  Cooking apple, cooks to purée  Precocious.  Good cropper.  Tolerant of late spring frosts. 
Egremont Russet  Egremont Russet  Dessert  A russeted dessert apple with nutty flavour.  
Ellis Bitter   EllisBitter04thumb Cider Bittersweet  Medium  Bittersweet.  Sweet, astringent juice.  Vigorous, precocious tree. 
Ellison’s Orange   ellisonsorange11thumb Dessert  Striped red, juicy with aniseed flavour. 
Elmore Pippin   ElmorePippinthumb Dessert  Gold with some russeting.  Sweet-sharp, rich flavour.  
Elstar  Elstar Dessert  Yellow fruit, lightly striped red.  Honeyed flavour.  Biennial cropping.  From the Netherlands. 
Encore  Cooking Large, round, green fruit.  Sharp in October but mellows through the season, keeping until March/April.  Especially ornamental large, pink flowers.  
Fair Maid of Devon  Cider Sharp  Juicy, sharp cider apple.  Tree of week vigour.  Devon variety. 
Feltham Beauty  Dessert
Fruits in August.  Medium-large fruit.  Yellow-green, striped and flushed dark red.  Skin greasy.  Light aniseed flavour.  Cox's Orange Pippin x Gladstone.  From Buckinghamshire.   Early
Fiesta  Dessert
Cox-like flavour.  Heavy crops, does better than cox in Northern Climate. 
Fillbarrel  Fillbarrel  Cider  Bittersweet  A mild bittersweet cider apple from Somerset. 
Forester  Cooking  Rich and sweet flavour.  Cooks to thick purée. 
Foxwhelp  Cider Bittersharp  Small-medium fruit, yellow/streaked red.  Strongly aromatic cider, vintage quality.  Gloucestershire variety. 
Fran's Flushed Red Mystery  Dessert  Locally collected, early red flushed dessert apple.  Early
Frederick   frederickthumb Cider Sharp 

This a Welsh Cider Apple.   Sharp cider apple from Monmouthshire. 

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