Name Picture Type Description Flowering Period  
Fruiting Period 
Gala   Gala02thumb Dessert  Gala is a modern variety, a good keeper and tolerant of many different growing conditions.  It is a cross between Kidd's Orange-Red and Golden Delicious  Mid-late Mid
Galaxy    Dessert  A sport of Gala, more coloured.  Gold, flushed bright orange-red.  Very sweet and juicy fruit.     
Genet Moyle    Cooking, Cider Sharp  Cooks well and good as a cider sharp.     Mid
George Cave    Dessert  Pale greenish yellow, carmine striped.  Tough skin.  White sweet aromatic good fruit.  Good cropper.  Tolerant of late frost.      
Gilfach (poss. syn)   Dessert, Cooking Nice sharp red and green apple.  Dual purpuse dessert and cooking apple.  Sharp enough to cook but sweet enough to eat.  Hardy, disease resistant tree collected from local cottage garden.    Mid-Late
Glansevin   glansevinthumb01 Dessert  Mid-Season Eater.    Mid
Glocken Apfel    Cooking  Green-yellow fruit. Keeps shape when cooked.  Heavy cropping variety.  Prized for apple struddel in Switzerland.      
Gloster    Dessert  Dark red flushed fruit.  Sweet-sharp, crisp flesh.     
Glyndwr   glyndwrs-greening-thumb Cider Bittersharp  Prolific bittersharp cider apple collected from tree on Glyndwr’s Way in Powys.     
Golden Ball   Golden Ball Cider Sharp  Beautiful golden fruit that hangs on tree.  Very reliable cropper and a beautiful tree to have in your cider orchard.  Cider sharp from Dorset.     Late
Golden Delicious    Dessert  Greenish yellow fruit, turning gold.  Ornamental flowers over long period, tolerant of spring frosts.     
Golden Hornet    Crab  Very small, round golden fruit.  Hangs on the tree after leaves have dropped.  Very attractive.   Also used for cooking.  Flowers over a long period.    Mid
Golden Noble   Golden Noble Cooking  Sweet and sharp.  Cooks well with little sugar.   Long season of use from September to December.
Golden Nugget    Dessert  Medium-large golden yellow fruit.  Sweet flesh.  USA variety.     
Golden Spire   golden-spire-thumb01 Cooking, Dessert, Cider  Large, oblong fruit. Sharp, juicy, crisp flesh.  Good cooking apple, cooks to thick puree.
Golden Styre    Cider Bittersweet       
Grange’s Permain  Grange's Permain  Dessert 
Large green-yellow flushed red fruit.  Sweet-sharp, pineapple hint.  Vigorous, good cropper. 
Greensleeves    Dessert  Green/yellow crisp fruit.  Reliable cropper, good pollinator.  Similar to a Golden Delicious.
Mid Mid
Halstow Natural   Halstow Natural Cider Sweet  Sweet cider apple from Devon.     
Hanwell Souring   Hanwell Souring Cooking  Crisp, sharp cooking apple.  Stores well.  Raised at Hanwell, near Banbury.   Mid Mid
Harry Masters Jersey   HarryMastersJersey04thumb Cider Bittersweet  Yellow/green flushed dark red.  Sweet, medium tannin.  Full bittersweet with soft astringent.  Vintage quality.  Compact tree, precocious biennial cropper.  From Somerset.     
Hereford Beefing    Cooking Dark red, juicy, sharp cooking apple.  From Herefordshire c. late 1700s.  Late Mid
Hereford Pomeroy    Cider Bittersweet       
Hereford Redstreak   Hereford Redstreak Cider Bittersweet  Excellent tannic cider apple from Herefordshire.  Dark red astringent juice.     
Hereford Russet   Hereford Russet Dessert  A russet with the flavour of a cox.  More suitable for growing in our damp western climate.  Mid Early-Mid
Herring’s Pippin   herrings pippin Dessert  Large red fruit.  Crisp, juicy aniseed flavour.  Mid Mid
Herta Sweet           
Hog’s Snout    Dessert  Medium gold with russet.  Sweet-sharp firm flesh.  Spur bearer.  Good cropper.     
Howgate Wonder   howgate wonder Dessert, Cooking  Large striped red.  Keeps shape when cooked.   Can keep until March.
Hughes Cariad           
Ian Costard           
Improved Redstreak   Improved Redsreak Cider Bittersharp  Bittersharp cider apple.     
Irene’s Favourite    Dessert  Locally collected in Powys.  Light green, pink flushed mid-season dessert apple.    Mid
Irish Peach    Dessert  Irish Peach is an early dessert (ripe early August) and cooking fruit well suited to damper West British conditions.  Early Early
James Grieve    Dessert, Cooker  Pale green/yellow fruit striped and flushed red.  Thin Skinned.  Sharp, juicy crisp flesh.  Reliable, heavy cropper, very hardy.   Tree originally from Scotland.  Mid Early
Jazz      Modern variety.      
John Downie   johndowniethumb Crab Small yellow orange flushed scarlet.  Used for cooking and juice.   Not as sharp as most crabs, pleasant to eat if you like a sharp apple.
John Standish    Dessert Scarlet fruit.  Crisp and sharp.  Hardy, vigorous, heavy cropper.  Raised 1873 by John Standish, Berkshire.  Mid Mid
Jonagold   Jonagold Dessert Medium large round gold and red fruit.  Sweet/sharp rich fruit.   Very juicy.   Vigorous, precocious, heavy cropping.  
Jonathan x Golden Delicious. 
Johnny Andrews   johnny-andrewsthumb Cider Sweet  Sweet cider apple from Devon.  Sweet, hard fruit with good keeping qualities.      
Jumbo   Dessert, Cooking  Large sharp but aromatic apple.  Sweet when cooked.     
Katy (Katja)   Dessert, Cider Sweet  Sweet and juicy.  Makes sweet juice and bends as a cider sweet.  Swedish variety, hardy and easy to grow.  Good pollinator.  Mid Early
Kennedy's Late Cider    Cider Sharp/Sweet  Pale yellow-green fruit.  Slight acidity.  Named after John Kennedy, orchard owner at Pertheyre Farm, Monmouthshire.     
Keswick Codlin   Keswick Codlin Dessert, Cooking  Good, heavy cropping, good flavoured early season cooking and dessert apple.  Mid Early
Killboy   killboy Cider      
Killerton Sharp   killertonsharpthumb01 Cider Sharp  Sharp cider apple from Devon.     
Killerton Sweet  Killerton Sweet  Cider Sweet  Very vigorous cider sweet, very mild bittersweet.  Disease resistant, reliable cropper.  Devonshire variety.    
King of the Pippins   king of the pippins Dessert, Cooking, Cider  Orange/red on green.  Medium greenish/yellow fruit with red stripes.  Sweet, sharp and juicy.  Firm flesh.  Originated in France, it was widely grown in England in Victorian times.  Mid Mid
King of Thompkins County    Dessert, Cooking  An old American variety from New Jersey.  Rich, sweet flavour.  Keeps well.   Triploid variety.  Mid Mid-Late
King's Acre Pippin   KingsAcrePippin Dessert  Green-yellow fruit, some russet, flushed brown red.  Juicy aromatic fruit, slow to start fruiting.  Ornamental blossom. Late Mid
Kingston Bitter    Cider Bittersweet  Vigorous, heavy cropping bittersweet cider apple.      
Kingston Black  Kingston Black  Cider Bittersharp  Flushed dark red fruit.  Full bodied, vintage quality juice.  Somerset variety.
Lady Sudley   Lady Sudley Dessert  Medium-large, green-yellow, striped red, flushed pink.  Ornamental blossom, tolerant of late spring frost.     
Lady’s Finger    Dessert, Cooking  Large green, striped red, ribbed fruit.  Heavy cropping variety from Cornwall.     
Lady's Finger of Lancaster    Cooking  Originated in Herefordshire, 1800.  Long, oval shape.  Late Mid
Langworthy  Langworthy  Cider Sharp Sharp cider apple from Devon.  Good cropper.     
Landore (Monmouth Green)   Dessert/Cooking       
Laxton's Fortune   Laxtons Fortune Dessert  Green-yellow fruit, striped and flushed red.  Cox-like flavour but easier to grow.  Rich and juicy, also good for juice.  Somewhat sharp.  Biennial, good cropper.  Flowers tolerant of late spring frosts.  Cox's Orange Pippin x Wealthy.  Early Early
Laxton’s Superb  Laxton's Superb  Dessert  Late Victorian dessert apple.  Cox-like apple.  Sweet and aromatic.  Stores well.  Late Mid
Lemon Pippin    Dessert  Lemon coloured and shaped fruit, with citrus smell.  Keeps well.   Can keep until April in storage.
Liberty    Dessert  Yellow, flushed bright red.  Sweet, sharp, juicy flesh.  Vigorous, precocious, heavy cropper.  USA.     
Link Wonder    Dessert       
Llanachaeron Beauty   llanachaeron beauty Dessert Collected from the garden at Llanachaeron Hall (National Trust Property).   Collected from the garden at Llanachaeron Hall (National Trust Property).  Flattened shape.
Broken red stripe on golden/green bground. russeting around stem. toothsome flesh, notes of pear, perfumed. Would cook well in September.
Llanachaeron Peach   llanachaeron peach Dessert  Collected from the garden at Llanachaeron Hall (National Trust Property).    Collected from the garden at Llanachaeron Hall (National Trust Property).  Lightly bloomed mid size quoining shape. Handsome yellow and green with fine shading of red dots and occasional broken red stripes. Flavour Solid juicy finely textured flesh, thin skin. Good balance of sweet and sharp.complex fruity flavours peachy, hint of lemon an oranges, melon. Perfect fruit
salad. Delicious!
Llandinam Permain    Dessert  Locally collected apple.  Compact permain shape.  Dark yellow, flushed strawberry red.  Yellow grainy flesh, sweet and rich.     
Llidy’s Stripy Crab    Crab  Medium-large green crab apple, attractively striped red.  Collected from hedgerow in Llidiartywaen.     
Longstem   longstem Cider Bittersweet  Full bittersweet from Devon.     
Lord Burglhey   Lord Burghley Dessert  Small, green-yellow fruit, flushed dark red with russet patches.  Firm, aromatic flesh.  Good Cropper.     
Lord Derby   Lord Derby Cooking  Firm green apple, ribbed angular shape.     
Lord Grovesnor   lordgrovsenor Cooking  Yellow, soft, juicy cooking apple.  c. 1872  Mid Early
Lord Lambourne   lordl ambourne Dessert  Green-yellow, flushed red.  Sweet and aromatic, strawberry taste.  Good cropper.     
Lord of the Isles    Cooking/Cider Sharp  Large cooking apple.  Cornish variety.     
Lucombes Pine    Dessert Golden fruit with russet spots.  Aromatic, refreshing fruit.  Good for juice, juicy with slight pineapple taste.     
Machen    Cooking       
Manx Codlin   Manks Codlin Cooking  Heavy cropping cooking apple from Isle of Man.     
Margaret    Dessert  Small.  Yellow striped red.  Sharp, juicy soft fruit.  Very early fruit.   Late  Early
Mere de Menage   MereDeMenage Cooking  Large, flat cooking apple.     Late
Merton Beauty    Dessert  Flat rounded fruit, yellow flushed and bright striped scarlet.  Sweet aromatic with aniseed flavour.  Good cropper.  Ellisons Orange x Cox’s Orange Pippin.     
Merton Joy    Dessert  Yellow, striped orange-Red.  Sweet, slight strawberry taste.      
Michelin   michelin Cider Bittersweet  A medium bittersweet cider apple originally from France.     
Moelfre Bank   moelfrebank Dessert, Cider, Cooker  Collected from a wilding from an old drovers road (tree at least a hundred years old) on Moelfre in mid-Wales.  Very hardy and disease resistant, possible tendency towards biennial bearing.  Medium green-yellow apple.     
Morgan Sweet  Morgan Sweet  Dessert/Cider/Cooker  Large, greenish yellow sweet fruit.  Vigorous tree, heavy cropper.  Triploid.   Mid
Morris’s Russet    Dessert  Medium russeted fruit.  Chewy, intense flavour.     
Nonpareil    Dessert  Medium russeted fruit.  Fruit hangs on tree into winter.  Sweet-sharp, fruit drop flavour.     
Neville Turner   nevilleturnerthumb Crab  Spectacular dark red blossom.  Attractive scarlet fruit.     
New Rock Pippin    Dessert  Medium, russeted fruit.  Sweet-sharp intense flavour.     
Newton Wonder  Newton Wonder  Dessert, Cooker  Late keeping apple. Large fruit.   Sharp at first but mellows in storage.  Keeps until March. Very late Mid-Late
Norfolk Beauty   Norfolk Beauty Cooker  Large round fruit, yellow green with white spots.     
Norfolk Royal Russet   NorfolkRoyalRusset Dessert/Cooker       
Northwood   northwoodthumb Dessert, Cider Sweet  Yellow-green, flushed red.  White, crisp juicy fruit.  Good for juice.  Juice sweet with little astringency     
Oldchapel Discovery    Dessert  Sport of Discovery collected in Powys.     
Orleans Reinette   orleansreinettethumb Dessert, Cooker 

Gold striped red and yellow.  Pale cream, sweet dry, firm, rich nutty.  Cooking sweet, keeps shape.  Very hardy, good cropper.  Ornamental flowers.

Mid Mid
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