Name Picture Type Description Flowering Period       
Fruiting Period      
Paignton Marigold  PaigntonMarigold Cider Bittersweet Medium bittersweet cider apple from Devon.   Mid  Mid-Late
Painted Meadows Painted Meadows Dessert, Cider Sweet One of the most decorative and beautiful apples we ever seen.  Dramatic carmine and purple striping over rich yellow base.  Mid  Early
Pear Apple (Pig’s Nose)   PearApple Dessert  Greenish yellow with pink flush.  Sweet/sharp.  Unusual apple.  Synonym ‘Pig’s Nose’.     
Peasgood Nonesuch    Cooker  Very large cooking apple.   Popular Victorian era apple, great for cooking and juicing.
 Mid Mid
Pendragon    Dessert, Cider Sweet  Beautiful tree with black/purple wood.  Greenish yellow flushed purple red.  Red soft sweet juicy flesh.      Early-Mid
Pen Caled (Pengaled)    Cider Mild Bittersweet  Green fruit with some red/scarlet speckles.  Low tannin, medium acid.  Name means 'Hard Head'.  Pembrokeshire apple     


Cider Mild Bittersweet  Yellow fruit.  Mild bittersweet cider apple Rare Welsh cider apple from Perthyre Farm, Monmouthshire.     
Peter Lock   PeterLock Dessert, Cooking, Cider Large green-yellow, slight red flush.  Aromatic good flavour.  Cooks to sweet, bright gold purée  Devonshire variety c. 1800.  Mid Late
Phelp’s Favourite     Dessert, Cooking, Cider
 Multipurpose Gloucestershire variety.  Cox-like flavour, but not as intense.  Rare variety.  Green-yellow fruit with red flush.  Conical, lopsided irregular shape.
Pig Aderyn    Dessert, Cider Sweet Pale green, flushed orange, striped scarlet.  From Pembrokeshire.  Mid season eater / cider apple.    Mid
Pig yr Wydd    Cooker  Goose’s Bill.  Cooker.   Hardy, disease resistant Welsh cooking apple.    
Pig’s Nose (III)    Dessert  Conical greenish yellow with some russet.  Sweet/sharp chewy flesh.     
Pig’s Snout  Pig's Snout  Dessert, Cider Sweet  Cider sweet from Cornwall.     
Pinegolden Pippin    Dessert  Small green apple.  Sweet-sharp pineapple, resinous taste.  Delicious, full flavoured apple.
 Mid-Late  Mid
Polly    Dessert  Medium, light green fruit.  Sweet, juicy flesh.  Cornish variety.     
Pomona    Dessert  Large green-yellow, red flushed fruit.  Greasy skin.  Crisp flavour.  Precocious, good cropper.  Ornamental flowers.     
Ponsford  Ponsford  Cooker, Cider Sharp  Good for cooking, juice and cider.  Keeps shape when cooked.  Vigorous good cropper from Devon.  Triploid variety.
 Mid Mid-Late
Prenglas    Dessert, Cooking A Welsh eating apple originating from St. Dogmaels monastery.  Mid Early-Mid
Princesse    Dessert  Pale golden brown russeted fruit.  Nutty, rich flavour.  Heavy cropping French variety. 
 Mid Late
Prospect Early Red (Prospect Discovery)  prospectearlythumb Dessert  Crisp and juicy pink stained fruit.  Strawberry taste.  Mid Early
Queen Cox    Dessert  Sport of cox's orange pippin, easier to grow.  More evenly flushed.   Mid Mid-Late
Raglan Red           
Rajka    Cooking, Dessert  Varity from the Czech Republic.  Disease resistant heavy cropper.  Small fruits.   Late Mid-Late
Red Devil  Red Devil  Dessert  Modern, red apple with pink flushed flesh.  Makes a pink juice.   Mid  Mid
Red Ellisons    Dessert  Sport of Ellison's Orange.  Medium, greenish yellow.  Flushed and striped red.  Aromatic, rich, intense aniseed flavour.  Biennial, heavy cropper.   Mid-late Early
Red Falstaff    Dessert  Sport of Falstaff.  Self-fertile.  Medium, bright ruby red although doesn't always colour well in UK.  Sweet-sharp, good flavour.  Also good for juice and cider.  Early Early
Red Styre     Cider Cider apple from Gloucestershire. 
Red Windsor   redwindsor Dessert  Bright red fruit.  Cox-like flavour.  Sweet, firm, honeyed fruit.  Good cropper, tolerant of late spring frosts.  Early
Reverend Wilkes    Cooking Conical, light orange fruit.  Compact, precocious tree.  Early
Ribston Pippin   RibstonPippin Dessert, Cooking Cider
Yellow/Green/Gold, striped red, flushed brown/orange.  Intense rich flavour.  Also good for cooking, juice and cider.   Mid Late
Rosemary Russet   rosemaryrusset Dessert  Sweet and aromatic.  Russet patches.   Mid Late
Roundway Magnum Bonum    Dessert Large, flat, yellow-green, flushed brown, striped red.  Dry, firm, sweet pear-like flavour.    Late
Royal Jubilee      Large fruit.  Keeps shape when cooked.   Self-fertile variety.
 Late Early
Royal Russet    Dessert  Golden yellow russeted fruit.  Chewy, intense flavour.   Early Mid
Royal Somerset   Roya lSomerset Dessert  Fruit, large flat.  Sweet, juicy fruit.  Somerset variety.     
Royal Wilding   Royal Wilding Cider Mild Bittersweet
Slightly astringent, juicy mild bittersweet.
 Mid  Late
Rubinette   rubinette Dessert  Yellow, flushed and striped bright red.  Sweet-sharp juicy, intense rich aromatic flavour.  Golden Delicious x Cox's Orange Pippin.    Mid Late
Rubinette Rosso    Dessert  Sport of Rubinette with same great flavour.  Red apple with red stained flesh throughout.   Mid Late
Saint Cecilia    Dessert  Medium green-yellow fruit, striped red.  Aromatic, rich intense flavour.  Early Mid
Saint Edmund's Russet    Dessert  Golden-red russet.  Sweet, juicy rich flesh.  Early Early
Sam’s Crab   samscrab Dessert  Not really a crab!  Good eating apple.  Sweet, red and green stripey soft fruit.   Mid Mid
Saturn    Dessert  Heavy cropping.  Juicy and crisp.  Early-Mid Early-Mid
Scotch Bridget    Cooking, Dessert Hardy, disease resistant, good cropping cooking apple.  Can also be eaten as dessert fruit later in the season.  Grown in Hereford and Worcester.  Originally a Scottish Variety.   Mid Late
Scrumptious   Scrumptious Dessert  Plentiful, crisp, juicy red fruit.   Early Early
Severn Bank   severn bank Cider, Cooker  Red and green fruits.  Sharp but sweet when cooked.  Good sharp cider and cooking variety.  Cooks to purée.  Triploid variety. 
 Mid-Late Mid
Severn Black poss. Syn.  severnblackthumb Dessert, Cider Sharp  Severn Black is a very decorative purple fruited sharp cider apple and a good, if simple flavoured eater.  It is a spectacular tree with purple copper beech type foliage, purple skinned fruits with purple flushed flesh – even the twigs are purple through to the core!  It is a variety we collected from a River Severn side location in Powys, Mid-Wales, and is proving to be very hardy and fruitiferous in our High Altitude Orchard test bed.  Mid
Slack Ma Girdle   SlackMaGirdle Cider Sweet, Dessert  Sweet cider apple from Devon.     
Somerset Redstreak    Cider Bittersweet  Excellent bittersweet cider apple.     
Spartan   spartan Dessert  Dark red, sweet juicy apple with white flesh.  Canadian variety.  Mid Mid
Spotted Dick   spotteddickthumb Cider Bittersweet  Mild bittersweet from Devon.     
Stantway Kernel           
Stirling Castle   Stirling Castle Cooking  Large, round, green with slight orange flush.  Cooks to sharp purée  Ornamental flowers.  Scottish variety.  Mid Early
Stoke Red   stokered Cider Bittersharp  Yellow/flushed bright red.  Very sharp fruity cider.  Somerset Variety.     
Striped Beefing    Dessert, Cooking  Large fruit, striped dark red.  Fruit keeps well and is great for eating mid-winter.     
Sunset  Sunset  Dessert  Heavy cropping apple with a cox flavour but more disease resistant.  Red stripes, orange flush over golden fruit.  Mid
Suntan   suntan Dessert  Gold, flushed and striped red with some russet.  Aromatic, rich flavour.  Reliable, good cropper.  Flowers tolerant of late spring frost.  Cox's Orange Pippin x Court Pendu Plat.  Modern variety from Kent.     
Sweet Alford   sweetalfordthumb Cider Sweet  A cider sweet, very mildly bittersweet.  Good quality sweet juice, good for juice and cider.     
Sweet Cleave    Cider Sweet Sweet sharp flesh.  Cider sweet from Devon.  Also called Flanders Pippin.     
Sweet Coppin   sweet coppin Cider Sweet  Cider Sweet from Devon.     
Tale Sweet    Cider Mild Bittersweet  Vigorous tree from Devon.     
Tan Harvey  Tan Harvey  Cider Bittersweet  Heavy cropping bittersweet cider apple with small yellow, flushed orange fruit.     
Taunton Fair Maid   tauntonfairmaid Cider Sharp  Also called 'Moonlight'. Sharp cider apple and cooker.  Somerset variety.     
The Park, Newtown (poss. Syn.)   theparknewtownthumb Dessert
Compact, juicy green apple flushed red.  Mid-season eater, collected from the park in Newtown, Powys.    Mid
The Rattler (Primrose)   the rattler Dessert, Cooking Sweet-sharp fruit, also used for cooking.  Seeds are loose so they rattle.
Ten Commandments   TenCommandments Dessert  Called Ten Commandments because each fruit contains ten pips.  Small dark red fruit.  Sweet juicy fruit with flesh stained pink and red stained core.  Herefordshire variety.     
Tom Putt    Cooking, Cider, Dessert  Striped red and green fruits.  Sharp but sweet when cooked.  Good late eater, cider and cooking variety.  Cooks to purée  Heavy cropper.  Mid Late
Top Red    Dessert  Medium, conical fruit.  Yellow green, flushed and striped red.  Sweet fruit.  Good for juicing.  Heavy cropping variety.     
Town Farm No. 59  Town Farm No. 59  Cider Sweet  Sweet cider apple from Devon.     
Tregonna King    Dessert, Cooker  Large fruit.  Golden, red/orange flush.  Sharp, firm flesh.  Decorative, quoining shaped fruit, hangs well on tree.  Stores well.   Cornish apple.     Late
Tremletts Bitter   tremlettsthumb Cider Bittersweet  Full Bittersweet.  Sweet, astringent, high tannin juice.  Devon variety.     
Tupp’s Favourite           
Twylldyn Gwydd   Twylldyn-Gwydd-thumb        
Tydeman's Early Worcester    Dessert  Early season, heavy cropping apple.   Mid Early
Tylers Kernel    Cooking  Large, conical fruit.  Sharp, intense flavour.     

Twyn y Sherrif 
  Cider Mild Bittersweet  Pale green with russet patches.  Taken from a tree in Twyn y Sherrif farm in Raglan, the original tree has since died.     
Vallis Apple (Black Vallis)
Vallis Apple  Cider Sharp, Dessert, Cooking
 North Somerset variety, usually called Redskins.  Scarlet flused fruit.  Sharp eating and cooking apples, also used for cider.   Mid-late
Vilberry   Vilberry Cider Bittersweet  Full bittersweet, good full flavour.     
Viv’s Black  Viv's Black  Cider Sweet, Cooking, Dessert   Vigorous, disease resistant.  Dark red, almost black apple.  Collected from orchard in Mid-Wales.    
Viv’s Red  Viv's Red  Dessert  Red apple with white flesh.  Delicate perfumed flavour.  Collected from hundred year old tree in Caersws.    Mid
Voyager   Voyager Dessert  Sweet, intense flavour.      
Wagener    Dessert, Cooking  Medium, greenish gold flushed red brown.  Fruit hangs well on tree.  Sweet and juicy fruit.  USA     
Warner's King  Warner's King  Cooking  Very large fruit.  Pale green-yellow.  Thick, greasy skin.  Sharp, firm flesh.  Cooks to purée  Vigorous, heavy cropping variety from Kent.   Early fruit, but stores into December.
Welsh Druid   welsh druid  Dessert, Cooking, Cider
 Crisp, green apple.
Wheelers Russet   WheelersRusset Dessert  Medium russeted apple.  Aromatic flavour.     
White Jersey  White Jersey  Cider Bittersweet  Small-medium pale yellow fruit, drops from tree when ripe.  Sweet, mild astringency.  Somerset variety.     
White Norman (White Hereford)  WhiteNorman Cider Bittersweet  Small conical fruit.  Pale yellow.  Herefordshire variety.     
White Wick Styre    Cider Bittersweet  Bittersweet cider apple.     
Whitpot Sweet    Cider Sweet       
William Crump   William Crump Dessert  Medium-large, green-yellow, striped and flushed orange-red with russet dots.  Dry, aromatic, rich good flavour.  Vigorous, heavy cropper.  Cox's Orange Pippin x Worcester Permain.  Worcester variety.     Late
Winter Banana   winterbananathumb01 Dessert, Cooking  Yellow, flushed red and brown.  Aromatic eating apple.  Vigorous, precocious, good cropper.  Prefers warm summers.  USA.     
Winter Gem   Winter Gem Dessert  Pink flushed dessert apple with strawberry flavour.  Cox x Grimes Gold.     
Winter Peach    Dessert  Large, flat fruit, pale yellow with pink flush.  Sharp, juicy, spicy flavour.      
Winter Quoining (Winter Queening)   Dessert  Aromatic, rich flavour.  Also good for cooking.  Norfolk variety.     
Winter Stubbard   winter stubbard Cooking, Cider Sharp
Large yellow fruit.  Soft creamy flesh.      
Worcester Permain    Dessert  Early season dessert apple from Surrey.  Early
Wyken Pippin   wyken pippin Dessert  Small-medium gold fruit, flushed brown-yellow.  Sharp, crisp aromatic fruit.     
Yarlington Mill   Cider Bittersweet  Yarlington Mill is bittersweet cider apple with small red and yellow vintage quality fruit.   It is a vigorous heavy fruiting tree.     
Yellow Ingestrie   Dessert Greenish yellow fruit.  Sharp and firm.  Cox's Orange Pippin x Golden Pippin.  Shropshire Variety.    
Yellow Styre  yellowstyrethumb02 Dessert  Yellow flushed with pink, fine tracery of russeting.  Brisk and sherbety flavour.  It has proved an excellent and reliable cropper for us.  Great multi-purpose eater, cooker and cider apple.    
Yorkshire Aromatic   Cooking Early season cooking apple from Yorkshire.    
Pear Stock List   Pear Stock List      
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