Welsh Mountain Cider is made lovingly by hand in Mid-Wales by Chava Richman and Bill Bleasdale (with help from many enthusiastic volunteers and students of cider making). The finest fruit is collected from selected local orchards, milled and pressed in Welsh oak presses.

Using unsprayed apples that would otherwise go unpicked from a variety of old orchards, Welsh Mountain Cider creates unique vintages of cider, blending traditional bittersweet cider apples with just the right amount of sweet and sharp fruit for the right balance of astringency, flavour and acidity.

The presses named ‘Sylvia’ and ‘Helen’ after Bill’s mother and sister were put together by local craftsmen in 2009 and 2010. The metalwork came from old presses from Hereford and Somerset and the wood is local Welsh Oak.

All our cider is made from 100% fresh juice which is pumped from the presses into barrels and allowed to ferment slowly with the 40 or 50 wild indigenous yeasts that come in naturally with the apples. These yeasts work slowly through different stages of the fermentation over the next six to eighteen months. It is only by using this process, and the yeasts that are married to the apples that we can produce the rich, profound and complex flavours of true, live, real cider.*

 *Cider made using sulphites and single added champagne yeast that originated in a grape field a thousand miles away is, in our experience, a dead, pale, anodyne, approximation of the real thing.

We make some of our cider, particularly that destined to be drunk young (i.e. at around six months old) in plastic containers, but around 80% of our production goes directly into 100 gallon oak butts, where it is matured for up to two years before being bottled or put in kegs for consumption.

We make around 14 very different vintages each year, from light, white wine style cider, made from mostly dessert apples, and generally drunk young, to rich dark, mysterious and unctuous bittersweets and bittersweet blends which will keep and improve for years.

Because our cider is live, it is always changing and developing- we are not attempting to make consistent "product" year on year, we are making fine cider vintages which are always different but consistently fantastic.




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