What is real cider?


Different people will have a variety of views on this. We have very strong and straightforward ones. In our opinion, real cider and perry is made from 100% freshly pressed fruit with no added water, sugar, or anything else. It is left to ferment using the native yeasts from the apples.


We would argue further that a strict definition of 'real cider' would mean live cider – i.e. cider that has not been sulphited or pasteurized to kill the yeast after fermentation.


There are a number of 'cider gurus' out there promoting what is essentially a form of miniaturized industrialized cider making (albeit using fresh juice rather than concentrate). In our opinion, 100% juice cider is not 'Real Cider' if sulphites are used to kill off these native yeasts and a wine making yeast from another part of the world is added.


Cider made in this way is a pale imitation of the real thing - another example of authenticity and richness in food sacrificed for the sake of consistency, predictability and homogeneity. You cannot expect to equal the hearty complexity of real cider made with the indigenous yeasts that come in naturally on the apples if you kill these off and replace them with a single foreign yeast. Furthermore yeasts are resilient little critters and we wouldn't, personally, choose to ingest anything that would kill them, and we have yet to try a cider made in this way that doesn't taste dead and slightly poisonous.


Industrial cider is often less than 40% juice 'generally from concentrate'. Among the rest of the ingredients may be: water, glucose-fructose syrup, saccharine, malic acid, food colouring, carbon dioxide, etc. It is really a 'made wine' and should not be confused with real cider.

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